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San Diego BMX

BMX Racing in
San Diego, California

Please check our social media @SanDiegoBMXRacing for daily updates and possible schedule changes!


San Diego BMX is one of the oldest BMX tracks in the country! USA BMX has 100's of tracks Nationwide and in Canada. It holds 1000's events each year. BMX racing is one of the fastest-growing bicycle sports in the world, and in 2008 BMX racing became an Olympic Sport. It's all about the kids, keeping them clean while playing in the dirt. We invite you, all your friends and family to come out and watch what we do. Then let's get you started in BMX Racing! 


***All riders must be USA BMX Members (we can provide more info at the track), must wear pants, long sleeve shirt, and a helmet. We also only accept cash or check, no credit cards at this time.

- Thank you - 


TYLER BROWN / BMX Track Operator

My name is Tyler Brown, I am a professional BMX racer and BMX Track Operator. I have been racing BMX for over 30 years, have traveled the world, racing for Team USA on the highest level, and am the 3X USA BMX Vet Pro Champ & 2X UCI Masters World Champ. BMX has taught me so many amazing lessons and provided me with so many great opportunities. It is now my time to share that back with the rest of the community through what we do at San Diego BMX!

One of my favorite things about this track is the fact that we have many families who show up with little ones who used to ride here when they were younger.  We even have a grandpa and grandson that come out to ride with us weekly! With our rich history in BMX, we want to provide the best experience possible to our future BMX Superstars! We hope to see you at the starting gate with us soon!

Our San Deigo BMX Sponsors

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I belive BMX has shaped me into who I am today, so if this journey never would have begun, then who knows the person I would be or what I would be doing with my life."

Donny Robinson

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