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The BMX Bike

It’s got a single gear. But don’t be fooled… this is no “one-speed”. This bike hauls as fast as you can crank it—with 20-inch wheels designed to accelerate in a hurry and handle the biggest landings. It’s a BMX race bike, engineered to meet the challenges of today’s highly technical racetracks and speed straight to the podium.



Your Safety is our #1 Concern

FACT: BMX racing isn’t any more dangerous than other youth sports.  Statistics have shown that kids in the traditional (less “extreme”) sports such as basketball, football, baseball, and soccer suffer more injuries than in BMX racing. The reason why, perhaps, is that USA BMX requires protective gear.  You can’t go on the track without it. While the level or amount of safety gear is up to you, a rider must at least sport the basics of an approved helmet, long sleeve shirt, and long pants. 
Below, we introduce you to all of the safety gear that is available for you to protect every area of your body.

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